June 2020, we are happy to offer you this 8-day trip to the midnight sun period in Iceland, humpback whale watching, swimming in the Northern Blue Lagoon. Lectures, live music, yoga classes, meditations, an approach to whales in conscience, in music, supervised by Pierre Lavagne De Castellan.

The Shelltone Whale Project has implemented a cetacean approach protocol, which is applied to each trip among Icelandic whales.
Our observation protocol is governed by simple principles:

  • Our research has allowed us to establish over time a climate of trust with whales and Icelandic dolphins, which alone decide on interaction with humans, in a calm, serene atmosphere.
  • At each outing, we use our hydrophone (underwater microphone) and we decode the sounds heard in the sea, whale songs, sperm whale codas, dolphin whistles and Iceland pilot whales. These sounds, heard live, allow us to decide on the orientation of the boat to give ourselves the best chance to observe the animals.
  • A unique experience, a scientific, ecological, pedagogical approach, based on the principles of non-intrusion, mutual respect of dolphins, and Icelandic whales.
    Discover a new approach to cetacean observation in Iceland.

WHALE SONG – 43 Min.

Recorder 10 miles out of Baille Argent on April 26th 2016. We are convinced that there is a message in this song. Enjoy the listening !

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