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Guadeloupe whale watching


Whale, dolphin and sperm whale watching in Guadeloupe, in small groups (max. 11 people). A more intimate, softer, conscious approach, share the experience!

All year round, off  Deshaies, we encounter “resident” cetaceans, humpback whales, sperm whales, dolphins and pilot whales, among others, we have more than 20 species of marine mammals living in the Agoa sanctuary where we work.

We go out every day, from 8am to 12pm. sometimes in the afternoon, except Sundays.


We are not tourism professionals, we are researchers, we welcome you on board to share our experience.

We are an association under the 1901 law, recognized as being of general interest for its scientific research on cetaceans and its environmental actions in the marine environment in the Agoa sanctuary in Guadeloupe.

We are setting up a geo-referenced and acoustic database of all cetaceans encountered on the leeward coast of Guadeloupe.

All this is described to you in real time on the boat, your own observations and photos are useful to us.

Your participation in our sea outings helps to finance our research.

We only ship people in a good mood.

What we are currently observing:  Recent observations.

The Team


Lea, Agoa sanctuary certified guide.                      Nael, certified Captain.


Léa Lavagne de Castellan with a family of sperm whales during our interspecies communication research.

The Shelltone Whale Project has implemented a cetacean approach protocol, which is applied to each trip among whales, dolphins and sperm whales in Guadeloupe within the Agoa Marine Sanctuary.

Our observation protocol is governed by simple principles:

  • Our daily sea research trips have allowed us to establish a degree of trust over time with the whales of Guadeloupe, sperm whales and dolphins who now choose to interact with humans, in a calm and serene atmosphere.

  • A unique experience, a scientific, ecological, educational approach, based on the principles of non-intrusion and mutual respect with the dolphins, sperm whales and whales of Guadeloupe.

  • On every trip, we use our hydrophone (underwater microphone) and Pierre Lavagne de Castellan, marine boiacoustic expert, deciphers the sounds heard under the waves: whale songs, sperm whale codas, dolphin and pilot whale whistles. These live sounds then allow us to position the boat for the best chance of seeing the animals surface.

We are an association of law 1901, recognized as being of public interest for scientific research on marine mammals and environmental action in the Agoa whale sanctuary in Guadeloupe.

Our association is a signatory to the Guadeloupe Marine Mammal Sanctuary Charter.

We recommend taking the time to browse our site to become familiar with our research, you will appreciate your trip even more.

Your participation in our trips at sea help fund our research amongst whales and dolphins of Guadeloupe.

Participation in half-day outing prices:

55 € / adult       and  35 € / kids under 12


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Welcome aboard Nadja, which we have specially designed for cetacean watching, our boat offers a beautiful proximity to the animals and excellent acoustic quality, to make the most of the whales’ singing.

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