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Watch whales and dolphins from Cadaqués.

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Dolphin, sperm whale and whale watching in the Catalan region, in the Lacaze-Duthiers underwater canyon, in French territorial waters.

The departure is from Cadaqués, in small groups (10 passengers max).

A more intimate, softer approach, in consciousness, share the experience!

From April to December, from Cadaqués, Costa BravaIn the Lacaze-Duthiers canyon in French territorial waters, we encounter cetaceans, Sperm whales, fin whales, pilot whales, Risso's dolphins, common bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, beaked whales and minke whales and sometimes orcas, among others...

There are many species of marine mammals living in the Lacaze-Duthiers submarine canyon ecosystem where we conduct our research on cetacean communication.

From April to December, we go out every day at 8.30 am from Cadaqués, the trip lasts about 3.5 hours.


We are not tourism professionalsWe are researchers, we welcome you on board to share our experience.

We invite you to take part in our research and discover how we use our acoustic equipment to search for cetaceans in the Lacaze-Duthier canyon from our summer home port of Cadaqués,listen to them, understand them? 

We do not guarantee the presence of animals during our outingsIt is impossible. Of course we do our best to find them, but if you think you can't handle your frustration in case we don't observe any, then you'd better not come with us to our mission.

We are an association under the French law of 1901, recognised as being of general interest for its scientific research on cetaceans and its environmental actions in the marine environment. We are setting up a geo-referenced database and acoustics of all cetaceans encountered.

Your participation in our sea trips helps to finance our research in inter-species communication. We only take on board people who are in a good mood. Take a look at the animals we are currently seeing by clicking on the button below.

Participation in the costs of a half-day sea trip:

  • 75 Euro per person

Book your sea trip from Cadaqués, Spain

Hello everyone, friends of the oceans!

We now use an automatic calendar for bookings, it is much easier for you to see our availability, it avoids mistakes and saves us a lot of time, which allows us to spend more time at sea among the animals we love and study.

Thank you for your understanding.
Pierre Lavagne de Castellan

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3 - Payment is made online by credit card.
4 - You will immediately receive your boarding ticket by email.

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Your guide: Pierre Lavagne de Castellan, marine bioacoustician, research director of the Shelltone Whale Project. Signatory of the cetacean observation charter for French marine protected areas.


Dolphins often come near the boat and play with us... SWP photo taken on the Lacaze-Duthiers canyon, in French waters.


Welcome on board our boat. Stable and comfortable, it offers a nice proximity to the animals. And you will never be crowded on our boat?

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A spacious and comfortable boat so that the 10 passengers (maximum) can observe the animals up close.

The Shelltone Whale Project has developed a cetacean approach protocol, which is applied on every trip to the sea with sperm whales, fin whales, pilot whales, Risso's dolphins, common bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, beaked whales and minke whales.

Our observation protocol is governed by simple principles:

  • Our daily trips to the sea to carry out our research have enabled us to establish a climate of trust with cetaceans, who alone decide to interact with humans in a calm, serene atmosphere.

  • On each trip, we use our hydrophone (underwater microphone) and we decipher the sounds heard in the sea, whale songs, sperm whale codas, dolphin whistles and pilot whales in the Lacaze Duthiers underwater canyon. These sounds, heard live, allow us to decide on the orientation of the boat to give us the best chance to observe the animals.

  • A unique experience, a scientific, ecological and educational approach, based on the principles of non-intrusion and mutual respect for dolphins, sperm whales and whales off the coast of Catalonia.



Dolphins at rest... SWP photo taken on the Lacaze-Duthiers canyon, in French waters.

sperm whale calamity-guadeloupe-1

A sperm whale, just before it goes into the depths to feed... SWP photo taken in the Lacaze-Duthiers canyon, in French waters.



A group of dolphins swimming quietly off Cerbères. SWP photo taken in the Lacaze-Duthiers canyon in French waters.


A sperm whale swims calmly around our boat... SWP photo taken on the Lacaze-Duthiers canyon, in French waters.


A group of dolphins in a very playful mood! SWP photo taken in the Lacaze-Duthiers canyon in French waters.

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Recorded 10 miles off Baille Argent on 26 April 2016. We are convinced that there is a message in this song. Enjoy your listening!



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