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Becoming a member of the Shelltone Whale Project is:

– Support our research into the “Lost Link”.

– Receive the entirety of an exceptional 43-minute recording of humpback whale songs recorded continuously on April 26, 2016 by Pierre Lavagne de Castellan in the waters of the Agoa sanctuary in Guadeloupe.

That day, we were stopped, engines off, listening to hydrophone. Three male singers arrived and positioned themselves under our boat, they started singing… The echo is natural, we were placed on a birth vortex, the geological configuration of the vortex produces this echo.
The three males then started singing… They sang for 43 minutes, we recorded everything, then they left, as they had arrived, in silence… The way the singers proceeded is very unusual, we were alone, they were not singing to a family member, they were not singing to a mass of phytoplankton, no, it was something else, this song seemed to be for us.

Today, as when we had this experience, we are convinced that there is a message in this song.

Thank you for your support, thanks to you we can continue our research…..

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Shelltone Whale Project

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